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If you are the victim of family violence, call the police or 911.

There are also special support organizations that can help you—their contact information is listed in the front pages of the telephone book. If someone tries to frighten you by saying that you will be deported or lose your children for reporting family violence, contact the police or a support organization right away for help. Child protection laws let child welfare officials go into a home and even remove children if parents cannot or do not provide a minimum standard of care.

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The general age of consent to sexual activity is 16 years.

The age of consent is 18 years if the sexual activity happens within a relationship of authority, trust or dependency (for example, with a teacher, coach or babysitter), or where there is other exploitation.

If you are pressured into marriage you should contact the police. It is a crime to marry a Canadian citizen or permanent resident only to gain entry into Canada. Family violence includes many different kinds of abuse that adults or children may have in their families or homes.

All kinds of physical and sexual abuse (including unwanted sexual activity with your husband, wife, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend) are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada.

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