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Despite many attempts to remove it from her, Sidonia was buried holding the robe. Nino had seven columns made from the tree for the church’s foundation.

This sacred place shown in the photo is the column under which Sidonia and the holy robe are resting in peace. The seventh column, however, had magical properties and rose by itself into the air.

Check out one of the interior walls of the cathedral.

They were once full of medieval frescoes, but most of them were whitewashed in the 1830s when there was a planned visit by the Russian Emperor, Nicholas I.

A masterpiece of the early middle ages, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a monument that traces its origin to the dawn of Christianity in Georgia and was judged by UNESCO to be a testament to “the high artistic and cultural level attained by this ancient kingdom.” Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was originally built in the 4th century A. The remarkable structure that you see in the photo was constructed by the Georgian architect Arsukidze.

To start with the name, ‘sveti’ in Georgian means “pillar” and tskhoveli means “living”.

It returned to earth after the mighty Nino prayed all night.

This day is dedicated to the Tunic of the Lord and the Life-giving Pillar.It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (criterias: iii, iv) along with other historical monuments of Mtskheta. a) You can take a minibus (marshrutka) from Didube market in Tbilisi to the historic town of Mtskheta. The cost of the ride to Mtskheta is 1 GEL per person, getting a ticket is very convenient as it’s sold just next to the minibuses. b) Taking a taxi is another, more expensive, option that costs around 20 GEL. • In front of the Svetitskhoveli gate you can find the Tourism Administration Office that can provide some useful information.• There is a huge Open-air market that sells some local handmade goods.Be sure to negotiate the price before you take get in the car. This could include transportation and guidance as well. Not all of the shops offer credit card terminals so you should either carry cash with you, or get some money from the ATM that is near the Cathedral’s gate.• Minibuses from Mtskheta to the famous Jvari Monastery are available every day.• There is a lift at the entrance of the Cathedral for the people with disabilities.• Turkish sand Coffee is very common here, I think you should try some.• You can ride in the elegant horse-drawn carriages for just 20 GEL to briefly tour the city.The burial site of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, the founder of Tbilisi, is also here. It was erected inside the Cathedral to mark Svetitskhoveli as the second most sacred Christian place in the world (after the Church of Jerusalem).The church is a symbolic copy of the Chapel of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

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