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Each app has a new chat icon easily accessible anywhere from the main display.Feature-wise, both apps are near-identical to each other, with the i OS and Android versions both including standard messaging features expected by consumers in 2017.Video chat, Snapchat-like filters, stickers and more have bogged the app down with useless features that most users won’t need, making the app larger and increasingly unstable.Even worse, Kik has become predominantly filled with spam and underage users, making it difficult to chat with other users without risking being blown up with spam or talking to a high school student from a distant state.Typically, most users will find themselves gravitating towards the messaging service which holds the majority of their friends and fellow chatters, but there are advantages to using other apps.Kik, for example, can be used for anonymous chatting in addition to getting ahold of your friends.On Android, the app looks quite a bit different, with a tab-based interface and solid forest green color scheme that more closely relates to the messaging apps we've seen on Android, like Google's own SMS messaging app or Hangouts.Both feature similar functionalities within their designs though, with the Android app dividing the app into calls, chats, and your contacts list, while the i OS keeps your chats front and center.

With a built-in user base of over 2 billion users, Facebook Messenger is the easiest way to chat with the people you already know, even if you'll likely find the discovery tools to be a bit lacking overall. If you haven't used Facebook Messenger before, you likely aren't on Facebook.

It’s why Kik’s become so popular—it’s easy to meet new people and chat through the app without having to give out your number to random strangers.

Also see our article How to Delete Your Kik Account But Kik’s also tried to become more than just a messaging app in recent years.

The app is also incredibly lightweight, especially in comparison to apps like Facebook Messenger.

Whereas that app focuses primarily on trying to be the app for everything you could ever want—games, mobile payments, and more—Whats App focuses on getting the fundamentals of messaging right without adding any additional bloat.

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