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Sabrok is considered to be a sex and celebrity icon in Latin America.

Sabrina Sabrok was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Hugo and Martha.

One poster wrote: 'I think is great because there are so many teenage mothers like myself that won't breastfeed because of the way society has put it in their heads not too.'it is the best thing for them and it promotes that its the best way to keep your baby healthy, and its free, we can use that in this economy today.'Another fan of Bebe Gloton wrote enthusiastically: 'This isn’t gross.

After studying music and art, Sabrok began to teach in secondary schools.'Yes, breastfeeding is completely natural, but it is something that only adults do, not children.It would actually disgust me if I were to see a child using this “toy”.'Many parents however were happy to buy Bebe Gloton for their own child as a means of encouraging the natural process of breast-feeding.In December 2011, Sabrina changed the color of her eyes through surgery from hazel to blue. In November 2007, Sabrok dated Mexican wrestler Cibernético.In July 2008, Sabrok married her partner and manager Erick Farjeat.

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