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Maybe you just need someone to help you make sense of some things in your life.I have worked with children and adults for many years and I enjoy it. Note: Psychiatric care is not available.""Maybe things just are not going well for you and you just don't know where to turn.My passion is reading and learning more about the differences between men and women and how the differences create conflict in relationships.My mission is to use this knowledge to help individuals, couples, and families improve their communication skills and increase their love, commitment, and happiness in each and every relationship.Are feelings of anxiety, depression, stress or loss becoming overwhelming for you?Would you like to start enjoying life and achieving your dreams?I have worked in mental health for 15 years and am prepared to help with a full range of emotional and personal difficulties that individuals and families might face that impact their daily lives.As a clinician, I am dedicated to providing caring, respectful and focused treatment based on a willlingness to explore problematic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors .""Hello, I'm Kathy Casey.

Life changing events such as moving, a new job, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one or family member can create uncertainty and instability in one's life.Boundaries, Independence, and Ineffective communication are the focus of my family therapy work.If you have questions about my services or area of expertise, please feel free to contact me.If so, allow me the opportunity to help you learn how to help yourself.I am a highly sensitive person who has also suffered from grief, loss, burnout, anxiety and depression.

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