Accommodating student diversity

Conversely, interactions that result in feelings of social anxiety and fear decrease a sense of belonging.

Accordingly, student cultures that foster positive diversity experiences help students – all students – feel like they are a valued part of a campus community.

Most students struggle to transition into college, but students of less privileged and more marginal backgrounds face even greater challenges as they enter what they can perceive to be an unwelcoming or even hostile environment (Carter, Locks, Winkle-Wagner, & Pineda, 2006; Kalsner & Pistole, 2003).

When notions of genius or inherent talent were downplayed, stereotype threat was greatly reduced.

Paper presented at American Educational Research Association annual meeting, San Francisco.

I felt that most of my professors were very understanding and we were able to work together to find what worked best for me, allowing me to focus more on doing my best in every class.

” Access to Overheads or Power Point Presentations Students with disabilities may request that an instructor make course materials displayed on overhead projectors or Power Point slides available for review.

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