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The film has been nominated for an award in the Documentary Competition category and will be part of a “Made by Women Double Feature”.

The screening on The Woodstock Film Festival would like to take a moment to celebrate the life of Edie Windsor, who passed away September 12, 2017.

The traditional way to gauge who we are as a country, state, or city is to turn to Census data for population, salaries, and family size.

Many interesting stories can come from this data and it’s indispensable in making country-wide decisions and policies, but it only glosses the surface.

Director and Producer Donna Zaccaro is the founder and President of Dazzling Media and Ferrodonna Features Inc.

Both are New York-based media production companies – one for profit and the other nonprofit, with a mission of producing films about women, women’s issues and social justice issues. Theatrical rollout in June 2018 as the Second documentary feature under Spotlight Cinema Network’s event cinema division Cine Life Entertainment Read Article » is the 2018 festival’s winner for “Best Documentary Feature”.

She has also worked in other industries including politics, public affairs marketing and communications, and began her career in investment banking. “Made by a New York woman, about New York women who made history, it is riveting, impactful, and not to be missed” says Brette Mc Sweeney, the Executive Director of The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee.

Donna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and an MBA in General Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Read Article » — which screens in the coming week as part of the Winter Film Awards 2018 International Film Festival — not only tells the personal story of the remarkable woman who triumphed over the Defense of Marriage Act, and the legal strategy behind that victory, but also deftly encapsulates key threads from the past half-century of LGBTQ history in the process. Windsor has won an “Award of Excellence” for Documentary Feature!

Beyond the story of this pivotal case in the marriage equality movement and the stories behind it, the film also tells the story of our journey as a people, as a culture, and as citizens with equal rights.

Toward a More Perfect Union in an Age of Diversity: A Guide for Building Stronger Communities Through Public Dialogue Publication date – 1997 Developed by – Everyday Democracy (formerly known as Study Circles Resource Center), in collaboration with A More Perfect Union, a project of Arcadia Pictures Following a study circles approach, which involves 10-15 community members gathering regularly to democratically discuss and examine critical issues from a variety of perspectives, this dialogue guide invites participants into community-wide dialogue.

Toward a More Perfect Union in an Age of Diversity explores issues such as self-identity, the formation of ingroup/outgroup distinctions, our cultural heritage, and the underlying bonds that unite us as Americans.

These are my findings: a road atlas of the United States, with the names of cities, towns, and neighborhoods replaced with the words people use to describe themselves and those they want to be with. [A More Perfect Union | Thanks, @peterbehr] I call myself a statistician, because, well, I’m a statistics graduate student.

In each state map, city names are replaced with words most used by each city, relative to all other cities. Below is a map of southern California, and right on cue: actor, director, television, and entertainment. However, the most important things I’ve learned are less formal, but have proven extremely useful when working/playing with data.

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