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The menu system, in particular, I find inexcusable, since virtually every other camera maker has a better-designed menu and Sony has not demonstrated any interest in improving theirs.For some users, these drawbacks will not be a big deal. OK, so, is anyone else seeing what I AM SEEING on this review?Between the continuing evolution of the RX100 and a7-series', Sony is on a big roll when it comes to tech.And in this case, 'small' doesn’t mean 'insignificant'.The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II is a full-frame, 42MP compact camera with a fixed 35mm F2 lens.The successor to the 24MP RX1R, the Mark II inherits a lot of technology from Sony's flagship a7R II mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.Though the RX1R II bears more than a passing resemblance to its predecessor, there are a lot of changes.And since the introduction of the RX1 and RX1R back in 2012, Leica introduced the Q, a full frame compact with a fixed 28mm F1.7 lens. I bought one (second hand) to have a super 35mm lens in front of a super 42 MPix sensor all this in a nearly pocketable camera.

If you create the items Monomi requests, you will receive Trip Tickets!She also wants to ensure that you don't trash up the island too much.So, you will need to split the students between gathering resources and cleaning up the place.Trip tickets allow you to get closer with your fellow students.You will receive 5 Trip Tickets at first and each challenge completed will earn you 8 Trip Tickets.

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but from corner to corner, both their test scenes are a complete, tragic & miserable blur & lack of sharpness, all across the image area! I have an RX1R & can certainly avow that the Carl Zeiss 35mm f:/2.0 lens is an amazing piece of sharp glass.

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