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So, what other answers are there to the question of why bad boys want to be with good girls?Now that I’ve outgrown my “good girl wanting a bad boy” stage, this doesn’t make sense to me.Since girls bond differently than boys it makes sense that when they bully it would be different too.​Teachers and parents tend to talk about the obvious when they talk about bullying.Playground scuffles, name-calling, stealing personal items and damaging property are commonly cited examples of bullying behavior. Girls can be quietly vicious with their victims and adults often fail to treat their behavior as bullying.I’ve also had the answers given that bad boys want good girls because good girls usually aren’t as experienced and are more willing to experiment or so the guys think.

Playing the popularity game in a way that causes fear or inadequacy in others is a form of bullying and it is a common tactic used by girls.These behaviors are often dismissed as an unfortunate part of the normal formation of peer groups.While it is normal for girls and boys to form social groups and close bonds with certain people at the exclusion of others it becomes bullying when those groups make power plays over other groups or individuals.She also found that adults were slower to react to the bullying tactics used by girls.If there is violence or physical acting out of any sort adults are quick to intervene and when necessary will punish offenders, but when the bullying takes on a less obvious form even adults don’t seem to know what to do. Since adults don't always label the tactics used by girls as bullying kids who fall victim don’t know where to turn for help.

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